Application to track routes along trails

I want to create an application (iOS, Android) to record and save the hiking routes I take through the mountains and trails. I would like to save the details of the route traveled on a map.
I have searched for GPS tracking, gps tracker, gps location
I can’t find an app or theme to achieve this and save hours of work.

I want to build an application like the Strada App for my personal use, and I would like to find a Template to save me many hours of work and build the complete Backend

I want the user to be able to see these routes and record, using GPS, their own routes taken.

Is there a theme or template to create something like this?

Is there such an application?

Thank you!

Apple has in-built app, not sure which one but I know few of " Jogging/running" apps has this feature, you just need to find on the Android/IOS marketplace

If you’re referring to “template” or “mobile app” on Envato, I don’t think if there’s any but you can try searching with “gps”, “jogging”, “running” keywords.

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Thanks for your suggestions.
My intention is really to create an App to show hiking routes and mountain routes that exist in the area where I live.
That the user can see these routes and record, using GPS, their own routes taken.
I started making one on my own, but the problem is building the Backend, my knowledge is limited.
Therefore, I came here in search of a project that would make my work easier.
I will search the Market with the options you have proposed and I will inform you of the results.
Thanks for spend your time on me

Hello again.
I’ve searched with the tags you suggested, but didn’t find anything that I can use for my purpose.
I have also combined the tags, without success. You were right when you said there was nothing similar in this market.
I’ll start the project and see how far I can go.