Any suggestions for a new return after years?

Hi Authors,

I’ve been away from Envato for many years and I’m thinking to create some new items and be active again. I am thinking to create some full mobile app templates supporting iOS and Android. I thought to do check what other authors might have created currently and I really could not find many samples of full working mobile apps. I found a few but not many. Instead, I found many mobile element/design/UI templates.

I wonder if I couldn’t find the templates or there are really not many of them? and if so, can I ask why you haven’t bothered to create such templates? A full template with all functionality ready for a buyer to just edit some json file, configure the app, replace some icons/images and deploy their own app to the stores?

I’d be very thankful for some conversation here around this. Like old times :slight_smile:

Seems like I’m not understanding the new forum setup. :man_shrugging:

Hey, Welcome back ! It’s not like old times at all. As you might have noticed, you did not get a response for 12 days, as there is no forum activity. Envato is only focussing to be an Envato Elements company. Low buyer quality for the items, low quality items and thats the end of the story. Good luck.