looking for a geotagging theme for capturing observations in nature.

Dear wordpress developers,

I have long been searching in vain for a wordpress theme for geotagging observations in nature like, plants, animals, environmental problems etc.
Unfortunately, nothing is useful in this area and I am convinced that there is a market for it.

What I am looking for is a theme with the following features:

  1. The theme must work specially well on mobile phones.
  2. Users can join the website (for free).
  3. Users can upload nature observations with title, category, description, geolocation on a map, photos and videos.
  4. The data and geolocation must be easy to enter with a mobile phone.
  5. The uploaded data must be able to be edited by the users at a later time.
  6. All uploaded locations must be visible on a map as clickable pins and the data must be available/searchable to anyone viewing the website.
  7. Users should be able to contact/help each other on te website.

If you have or can realize something in this area, I am interested.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation,
best regards,

Hi there,

with some imagination directory/listings WordPress themes could do for you. It definitely needs experience and a lot of work but would do in case you do not want to invest more and have a custom solution.

Recommended only in case of having experience, otherwise it takes too much work and time and you might end up having somebody else to finish the work instead of you - and this way it would cost you more than hiring an expert at the very beginning. (Please ignore the last paragraph in case you are a guru :slight_smile: )

Your post is so polite, it simply made me post a reply :wink: