looking for a geotagging theme for capturing observations in nature (preferably wordpress).

Dear wordpress developers,

I have long been searching in vain for a wordpress theme for geotagging observations in nature like, plants, animals, environmental problems etc.
Unfortunately, nothing is useful in this area and I am convinced that there is a market for it.

What I am looking for is a theme with the following features:

  • The theme must work specially well on mobile phones.
  • Users can join the website (for free).
  • Users can upload nature observations with title, category, description, geolocation on a map, photos and videos.
  • The data and geolocation must be easy to enter with a mobile phone also.
  • The uploaded data must be able to be edited by the users at a later time.
  • All uploaded locations must be visible on a map as clickable pins and the data must be available/searchable to anyone viewing the website.
  • Users should be able to contact/help each other on te website.

An idea what I would like can be seen here: (Story Map Shortlist):

If you have or can realize something in this area, I am interested what is possible of my wishes.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation,
Best regards,