Anyone up for some mixing?


Hey All,

Just throwing this out there. I recently had my first child (a little boy :smiley: ). These days I seem to be able to find a few hours here and there to compose, but to really get into the fine details of mixing, not so much.

I’ve got a few pieces all arranged and recorded, just wondering if anyone has interest in mixing/finalizing, would do a revenue split obviously… is that something that anyone would be interested in?

Would be awesome to find someone to do some tracks with! I’ve always thought it would be cool to hear my stuff mixed by someone else too! Take a listen to my portfolio to get an idea… mainly rock/heavy but there could be some acoustic/ambient/folky stuff thrown in as well. PM me or respond here if so and we can work out the details.



Hi! I think I might give it a go)


First, congratulations!!! :smiley:
Second; say goodbye to sleep. :sweat_smile:

If i could, i would help.
But i´m not so good at mixing to mix other´s work.