Looking for feedback on this RnB track

Hi guys, just finished working on this one and would like to hear your opinion on mixing and usability.

The Audiojungle marketplace is a very fickle mistress. 1 moment it wants Corporate blandness so everyone and their mum creates something, then it moves to stomps and then everyone copies the bestseller then the market wants unique tracks then it wants boring Corporate again.
Who knows if it will be usable and will sell. Anything thats unique or different will be absorbed by the masses copying the authors that sell. Is your track any good? Musically there are some good ideas. Mixing sounds good to me but what do I know…nothing. Will it be approved…who knows? Sorry not to be not more positive but I am still saddened by the Elements business around this place.


I do understand your sadness from the business point of view. Thank you for the feedback.