Anyone help me pls

why my template is rejected?
pls help me.
here is my link

General idea is good but the execution is poor as well as the design. ( especially typo )
This may get a chance if it’s submitted 8 years ago but not now

hard rejected my template.but i can not find any how to improve my template and what is my wrong typo pls help me how to improve my typo.

@ki-themes is spot on -

  • the design looks vey outdated and there’s no premium features or functionality which could not easily be found for free elsewhere

  • it could be any category. Having everyone’s social profiles like that just feels like a corporate or agency template filled with wedding copy and images

  • there are features e.g. the count down timer which are not properly mobile optimised

  • the typography lacks proper hierarchy and some of the font choices do not work