Anyone form Australia to help me with an issue Down Under?

I was wondering if anyone here is from Australia, I was reported that apparaently demo of my last theme does not work down there, but I am not experiencing this issue and cannot replicate the problem. The person who reported the issue is not really tech savvy and is not able to use dev tools to check if there are any js errors etc.

Could you please visit and hit preview to see if it works for you?

The issue reported was experienced on a Mac computers using Safari. But you can check on whatever system you are using.

I will be most grateful for your help.

I am not from Australia, but you have a bug on Safari on Mac. There is a problem with “display: table-cell;”. Take a look on printscreen:

Images are not loaded in Safari on Mac:

Here is a problem in the code (“display:table-cell”):

And here is when I change to “display: inline-block” - images are there, but it need some more CSS (padding is not the same):

Maybe there is something else, but this is first what I see.

Thanks for your help, we managed to fix the initial issue and also, thanks to you, fixed the missing image issue.