partial image appearance, website on iphone can be zoomed, moved left right issues

Hullo i have a very big issue i need help. some of my vendors images are appearing partially on the website i have tried to remove the images and load affresh still have the same issue. what can i do? refer to the link here to see. and make sure you view it on mobile gadget and you see. also use iphone to open the general website and see how it behaves. i mean it can be zoomed, moved left right on iphone which to me is very abnormal. kindly help me solve these issues please. Baliwag Restaurant

please kindly reply me

Hi @developersd1,

You should contact the theme author. You are using riode theme.
Author support link:

I can’t see any buyer badge in your profile. To get author support you have to contact the author from the theme purchaser account.