Please review this before we resubmit

This was the feedback that we received from Envato:
Fix the certificates in your demo:

We fixed this error from our side.
Just to be sure, we humbly request you to check the following link and give us feedback. Your feedback is valuable to us.

Thank you.

Certificate seems to be working fine, however you should test your site on Safari on Mac. For example, when I hover over these three services in " Amazing Services To Grow Your Business" section, they are disappearing. Seems like some glitchy animation.

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We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much. By the way, we have checked most of the websites on safari browser that are uploaded on ThemeForest. They have many issues that need to be fixed. Can you tell me something about this?

Tell you something about what?

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About the templates having issues on safari browser that are uploaded on ThemeForest.

Not sure what you are expecting me to say.
I mean feel free to proceed without fixing it, maybe it won’t matter to the reviewer, but I am sure it will matter to any potential buyer who will see this issue.
Pointing fingers at other items is the worst thing you can do to improve your skills and your items. In a highly competitive market as ThemeForest, trying to do only as good as the average won’t get you very far IMHO.

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Okay. Thank you. :handshake: