Any suggestions about contacting Someone about Yellow Pencil "Scripts not found" error?

Suddenly my 2 instances of Yellow Pencil Pro are pulling that error.after being fine for quite a while. I don’t see any way to contact Code Canyon Tech after rooting around for an hour :o( Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have done a Deactivate/Delete/Reinstall already. (John)

Is it this item?

The author’s support (asuming you are still in the support period) is

Charlie, thanks for your help. It only flashes the offending filename for about .001 sec, but it does seem to be the one you sugest. Thanks too for the Support link!!

Did you get an answer to this issue, as I am seeing the same error which just started recently. Thx

No reply yet. Disappointing.

I should the above. I did finally get a reply which told me that an update had been issued and that i should look for it on the admin page. It took 2 full update/exit/re-logins, but it did work after the second one.

YellowPencil 7.3.3 is available! Please update now.