Yellow Pencil help?!

Hi, I didnt know my support ran out, I only just started using the plugin;) Well, I*m trying to use yellow pencil to edit the colour on a line in a theme and it cannot find the element to be be able to edit, any help would be appreciated, thx


Make a comments right here as a comments with that item author @WaspThemes hope they will helped.

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Thanks, well all I need is to know how to remove the yellow line with yellow pencil, how apt;)

Hi There,

Please create a ticket in our support forum, our customer team will help you.

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WaspThemes Team

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Whenever I try to open a ticket it says: The purchase code provided was not properly validated. It could be an invalid purchase code, or the connection to Envato was lost. Double check your purchase code and try again.
I have used the code provided. Thanks.