Any rules to follow when using Conten ID music in this situation ?

Is there a rule to follow in regards to this situation:


  • “Client A” buys a license to use a soundtrack in a video he makes. He now can clear his YouTube video from a claim with that proof of license.
    OK, that’s the easy part!

  • But now “Client A” has his clients “Clients B,C,D, …” who makes other videos or streams or copy clips from “Client A”,s video to an other YouTube Channel (with part of that music in the video) for whatever reasons.

  • Now all “Clients B,C,D, …” are not happy because they get claims on their video works from their YT channels.

  • Now “Client A” is not happy because his clients “Clients B,C,D, …”are getting claims.

So my questions are:

  1. Do “Clients B,C,D, …” need to get a license also?

  2. Or is there a way for “Client A” to sync or transfer their license to “Clients B,C,D, …” who want to stream or make clips of “Client A”’s video on their own channels so they, in turn, can also clear their claims?

  3. If not, should “Client A” be notified before he buys a license, that he can’t clear other people YT videos or channels and that the license he purchased is intended to clear his YouTube video only, and not his clients videos?

This has happened to me a couple of times and I don’t know what to tell “Client A”.

Has this happened to you before?
If yes, how did you resolve the situation?

Hope this all makes sense!

In terms of Envato and CID: Yes you need separate licenses, with the exception of the allowed use (it may vary in local law). And with the exception of one transfer.

No. Only one transfer of rights is allowed per one license = client A will lost his rights during the transfer.

Yes and no. It is written in the license (maybe not straightforward enough for this case). It is a common problem of whole music industry on the Youtube. E.g. video game streamers have to turn down the music or overlay it with their own to avoid claims. Imagine how many claims Grand Theft Auto gets

I have heard that video game developer can allow such a transfer in the license on their website (as long as he gets permission from the track owner which happens rarely), afterwards gamer should upload this license during the claim clearence. I’ve only heard it is possible sometimes. But not on Envato where it is not allowed.

And yes, this is why AJ is not popular among the video game developers. Thankfully custom music is still needed.

Although I can imagine the Envato rule which allows re-use e.g. for gamers. The other question is how streamers could find out that they have to upload a license which… developer had bought.

Thanks Krzysiek for your information. I always appreciate your help :grinning: