Any good hosting company, with unlimited bandwidth, no limits.. ?

Hey guys,
Any good hosting company, with unlimited bandwidth, no limits… ?

I’m current on fastcomet, it’s ok, but the bandwidth has limits… and to upgrade for more is not what i’m looking.



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum

Here is Envato announcements about hosting service providing company.

Hosting company list

  • DreamHost
  • Flywheel
  • SiteGround
  • WP Engine

details here

Here is few of hosting company those are providing good service what you want.


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Thanks for your reply. I will check all. :slight_smile:

Hello @odiusfly

Siteground is best hosting for speed and support

Thanks :slight_smile:


I just see there is visitors limit in their plans. On fastcomet that i’m now, i have more visits for basic plan. So i don’t think siteground is my best choice. By the way thanks for your reply.

You can purchase higher plans

I know but why to pay more on siteground if i can get for basic plans better results from other companies?

For example until now, i check and i think this is a better solution for me.
I just wait for their message if there any limits.

If anyone use dreamhost please share your experience about speed, traffic, etc


By the way, i just contact with fastcomet… They had unlimited bandwidth to all plans but they decide to change this, to limit all plans, just like that. So funny guys. Not recommended anymore… :-1: …Unprofessional moves.

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You will get some hosting company with unlimited Bandwidth features but I think should check speed. Speed should be first priority.


Yes of course. I get answer from dreamhost before and about speed and other issues and it’s ok for me this company for now. But speed is not only from hosting side. If the website is too heavy, have issues, etc, hosting company can’t made miracles. :slight_smile:

Hi @odiusfly

those thing are website owner responsibility. I told about the core features.


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I strongly advise against those hosting companies if you plan on having variable traffic levels. Go professional. It’s a bit more expensive but keeps everything in check. Try MediaTemple or DigitalOcean ( VPS hostings ) they’re absolutely awesome!

Hosted with “unlimited” in the past, had a tone of problems, on multiple hosts, then went for MediaTemple, I’m personally incredibly happy with the choice!

I’m not affiliated to MediaTemple or DigitalOcean, just recommending based on personal experiences.

Ok cool i will check them. Thanks!

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I would second MediaTemple support - a great provider


Agreed! Best money ever spent for hosting. Neither I or anyone I’ve ever recommended it to have ever regretted it. They’re brilliant! :smiley:

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Cool! Thank you all for your help. :facepunch:

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:fist_right: :fist_left: anytime mate! Cheers!