Envato Hosted: Browse Themes by Category

The Hosted team are continuing to build out our new Hosted site by introducing category browsing.

By mapping each look/design (within a theme) to one or more categories, our newly implemented search engine is able to return relevant themes to the user when a category is selected. By default users will see all available themes on Hosted.

This work lays the foundation for further improvements to come such as browsing by individual theme looks.


Great feature
Though few questions
What’s the bandwidth ?
Storage ?
Inodes Limit?
Number of domains can host?
is the hosting limited to wordpress sites only at the moment ?

Seems great, but better invite more authors, more themes so categories are more userful :slight_smile:

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There is a mistake on this page https://themeforest.net/wordpress/hosted/themes
It says “Salient” by GoodLayers but it’s a theme by ThemeNectar

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Thank you @imithemes !

I have updated that.

Hi CoderBoys,

We’re currently offering up to 100,000 monthly visits, 5GB of disk space, and 100GB of monthly bandwidth for $190 annually or $19 per month. And it is currently for WordPress only. You can find out more info in this help centre article.

I’ll come back to you about the inode and domain limits.


Is it really a good idea to put multi purpose themes into categories? Most of them will be in almost all categories (they add new demos all the time, so they can fill all the categories easily).

If you will add niche themes in the future, they will be surrounded by multi purpose themes and only visible in 1 category, while multi purpose themes will be visible everywhere.

If you will add more authors / themes, will you only add multi purpose (large) themes?

Thank you for your answer.


Thank you very much for providing detail. i hope you will update with inode & domain limits soon :slight_smile:

There are only 30 themes. What’s the point of these categories? :grin:

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Hi doggy4240,

All valid points. This is our first iteration of Browse by Category, and we’re using themes because that is what we have at the moment and it allows for early learnings about user behaviour and our taxonomy. Over the next few weeks we hope to allow customers to search by the website design/layout/look rather than by theme because this is what we will install when the customer signs up. Although it is unproven we think it’s more applicable to the small-to-medium business customers we’re targeting.

Once we allow for Browsing Designs by Category, multi-purpose themes will be compared with niche themes on more of a level playing field. They will still likely appear in more categories so they will have access to more customers but not an advantage over any one customer. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense :slight_smile:

Hi Openmarco,

As just mentioned above, in the next few weeks we’ll be moving to ‘website designs/looks’ which are (usually) within the theme. That means we’ll quickly go from ~35 to hundreds of search results. And our intention is to bring on new themes when the time is right so our library will continue to expand over the next year.

Hi again,

There are no current restrictions on inodes. Because we’re still trying to grow our business, we’re taking a softer approach to site limits. Even the limits I previously posted are more guidelines than enforced limits at this stage.

Re: domains; we only allow one domain per site and one site per plan (at this stage).

Okay thank you very much sir


We’ve just submitted a question via Envato Support center about Envato Hosted.

What we wanted to do is to submit our themes to Envato Hosted. Since Envato Hosted has been released for half a year and recently there have been a lot of changes on the Hosted site. Therefore, we figured out that Now is probably the perfect time to ask for this. We have many themes about many categories that already has high volumes of sales and high ratings (compared to themes that are currently in Envato Hosted) So we are quite confidence with our theme quality to be approved for Envato Hosted program.

Have you guys considered adding more themes? And how to get our themes to join Hosted?


Hi @andrewfreeman

I received a request in Oct 2016 for joining Envato Hosted and thereafter your final reply we received in Dec 2016 that our themes will be considered in next phase in Jan 2017. Thereafter I tried to communicate with you multiple times but unfortunately it couldn’t happened. So would you be so kind to consider our WP themes for Envato Hosted and if anything needs to be adjusted from our end then please let me know.

I hope to have response from you at least and no problem if somehow you are not going to consider our themes.