Annoying whitespace! - Tried everything , can someone help?

Hello to those who are willing to help.


I am having an issue with white space on the footer of my website. I have attached the images with the inspect element so you can see the issue. I have tried everything but can’t seem to remove it. I thought it was an issue with the footer but even removing that didn’t help.

The boxes I need to remove are those in red on the screenshots. This is THEGEM theme/

Many thanks!

Hello @albertovelocity2018

If you’ve bought the theme from ThemeForest, then you benefit of 6 months of support. Please go ahead and contact the author of the theme, they will be able to assist. Here’s how you can do that:

Hi, please be so kind to contact our support via or via our contact form at CodexThemes's profile on ThemeForest and provide your URL so we can check. Thank you

Hi , my support ran out a long time ago :frowning: