Spacing and alignment issues : Lost in translation

Hello all, iam currently facing some difficulties making my template approved. I think that the first reason is that i don’t understand Themeforest spacing and alignment standards. I never liked even layouts, and i bet creatives don’t too.

However iam realy planning to become a Themeforest author and i won’t give up. But i absolutely need some advice from experienced authors and also from people that have worked as reviewers.

Here is the message from the reviewer about spacing :

There are a few inconsistent spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. Please go through your files and weed out these basic design issues.

You gotta admit that helps a lot. Knowing that my template has approximately 80+ pages, it’s like i said to a book writer : “Hey, your 300 pages book is good, but there is an issue with 5 commas” without furthermore reference.

I mean i spent 25 - 30 hours fixing (what at least i thought to be spacing issues for envato, as they were not for me) those issues, and that’s the only message that i get. Quite frustrating i have to say, for an author wannabe.

Do not mistake, iam not complaining. I just want to understand what are “spacing and alignment” issues at Envato. I have almost uniform sections across the template, but at rare occasions, there are special sections that do not have the same padding purposely, like the ones with the sliding iphone on this page :

or the images that i want to sit on the bottom part of the section. You can’t achieve this effect if the section has padding (beside using absolute position, wich i’d rather not in this case. Here is an example (Our founders speak)

And for alignment, i don’t know where i have the right to display aligned and when i do not. To sum up, iam very frustrated because i simply don’t know what is expected from an Html author, i saw themes that had these kind of features approved.

Please give me some feedback if you have time, and please point more than one or two examples in my template for spacing and alignment issues, because this is becoming a nightmare for me.

Template demo :

Thanks for your highly apreciated help.