Hey, design guru, share your knowledge and get a plus in karma.

my name is Nelly, and I’m a designer.


I’m actively studying web design and everything related to it. Trying to create items for ThemeForest. Now I faced a problem that I can not solve for several days.

I hope that the major players like @merkulove and @themefire find couple minutes to share their experience. I will also be grateful if other designers express their opinion.

Now to the problem:

Yea! I got the soft reject with “a few inconsistent spacing/padding as well as alignment issues”
Here are some key screenshots.

Thankful in advance for the help!


Very good :smiley:




Sometimes Out of tireness of soft rejection, I find myself numb about the spacing and alignment issues, but once you have luck and have a good reviewer that send red arrows with screenshots I inmediately click and find that the same alignment issue can resolve others. So don’t give up and activate your super design eyes and find those mistakes!

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Thanks mate! I activated my super design eyes :slight_smile: . You very helped me, thank you.

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