Annoying issue with text being in bold in the author dashboard

There is an annoying bug in the dashboard where all text strings are in bold. Please fix this.


Indeed, that bug is from a while and is because the Envato announcement box has a missing closed html tag < strong > . A HTML bug :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was a weird style choice.

So is there nobody at Envato using the dashboard? How can such a mistake go on so long without being fixed? (@KingDog can you ping the dev team?)

By the way this is a global issue, not specific to CodeCanyon.

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Yikes. I’ll see if I can close that tag. Thanks!


bold font is your problem sir ? :slight_smile:

imagine you are born without legs in some poor country affected by war, no food, no family, just pain.

Bold font on envato is still a problem ? :slight_smile: come on.


So, because some people have no legs, we shouldn’t close that html tag?


and because of some people have nothing to eat you should go and buy my menu food menus on graphicriver hehehehehe

that was a joke my friend, I am just telling you that this is some small issue here, bold fonts are not a problem (and I am no blind)

peace :slight_smile: