Main author page and item pages HTML tags

I was just thinking…while re-decorating my item pages and main page.

Envato only allows super-minimal HTML code in our item pages or our main author page.
Which makes sense in a way, they don’t want the whole website to turn into a
full blown Xmas tree with colors and things. Although if I think about it,
since the IMG tag is permitted, sky’s the limit. I can even do more than that with
regular HTML in an image.

I’m thinking, if any Envato staff member would see this, just propose him
that some authors (including me) which have good HTML and page proofing skills want
to extend the HTML tags that we can use. Why HTML ?
Because HTML is text, and text is useful in SEO (either GOOGLE or Envato’s own search engine).

I don’t see anything wrong with using font-size, bold, italic and underline.
Also maybe color for fonts so we can tweak the looks a little bit more.

Indeed using images helps a lot (the IMG tag) but they sometimes make the page load slower,
because the website where they’re hosted might not be that speedy, and Google will
penalize your page and make it go lower in SERPs. Also, Google does only look
at the ALT tag for images, but using customized text (bold, italic, color, font-size)
would greatly improve the looks of the item page and also make it at the same time
searchable for Google and Envato’s own search engine.

any thoughts on this ?


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Actually I see that EM and STRONG instead of I and B tags are favoured. So we can add bold or italic text.

Haven’t noticed that before. My bad.

Also font-size and font-color would be a harmless introduction to the allowed tags.