bold items on profile page

Hello, just wondered if this is any issue it might happened to the profile pages, or is it just ours…

The site navigation is also bolded in your image.

Nothing looks bolded on my end though. However, all the fonts site wide are different depending on if I’m using my PC at home or at work.

Same issue under Firefox and Chrome…

I found what was causing this.
Apparently as I’ve installed font “Helvetica Neue” on my computer, it seems a website which uses these type of fonts become override with the installed fonts and the online font.
Very strange, so I need to unistall the font… :sob: :sob: :sob:

Beware with font installation and browser override for web fonts that uses the same font as the installed one.

Strange, I have Helvetica Neue installed right now, but it doesn’t look any different from your new screenshot.


Its looking good to me i’m using google chrome.
you can get help from envato author support team.


Yup, there’ve been several topics on these types of font issues over the years. The culprit is always the same. Helvetica Neue on Windows is extremely buggy, or at least certain distributions of it.