Amita Theme error, screen shot enclosed

I have a wierd error occuring at the bottom of all my pages.
I’m using the Amita theme.

How do I remove the text show in the white circle in my screen shot shown below

Hi @uprightgraphics,

Please check out theme documentation to find out how to remove Instagram widget from your website footer. In case of further questions consider contacting @plazart, the author of Amita theme:



Hello Friend,

We have seen this problem, because instagram api has changed call id function.

We will update AMITA theme to fix this problem.

Thanks & Best Regards!


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Dear Plazart

Amita Video page questions:

  1. The links on the video page are not using the link colors i have prgorammed for the site.

2 Clicking on a video creates a secondpage where you can view the video, but the video display s in a long narrow letterbox window, which isnt comfortable to view.
how can that be changed so the video displays in a large rectangle shaped window