All of the item's comments must be in english only. Your uploaded item needs improvement.

You have uploaded an item to codecanyon but received a message …
[CodeCanyon] Your uploaded item needs improvement.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
All of the item’s comments must be in english only.

Please help, what is the cause of the problem.
Is the problem in the item description
please reply .

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Can be in the item description, or in the content that you put in the item preview page.
Or maybe in the comments you are writing in the message box for the reviewer on CodeCanyon, when you submit your item.

This is an international community and English is the language most people (authors and buyers) understand, so I guess from here the language requirement.

Message to the Reviewer is
Let me know if you have any question about the code and I would Love to answer
Thanks and I Look forward to hearing back from you soon .

Then, most probably, the reviewer meant: the comments inside your code.
You have to comment your code in English.

For instance, in your code (.php files, .js files., or others):

// Import the file with all the class constants.


/* We make sure variable is not null, to avoid errors.*/

Any comment that you’re writing in the source code has to be in English.

Thanks for the response, we will review the source code

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