All my creations refused for a year


I would like some advice.
Since a year, I deposit my creations, graphics.
I spend a lot of time on it, like all of you.

I deposit on GR, nothing to do.
All my creations are refused. REASON:
“Pizza Restaurant Logo” and unfortunately we are not at the quality standard required to move forward, and we will not be able to submit this item again. "

I never have more explanation.

I need help and real advice, so that my creations, be accepted.

thank you very much

no answer

Nobody to help me and guide me ?:sweat: :cry:

Hi !
For my part, I find your creations very beautiful and interesting.
I do not understand why the French have a hard time having validated creations.
I saw some creations, they are horrors. Can not believe that Envato to validate.
You, creation, very beautiful. I do not see what’s wrong!

courage :wink:

FR :
Pour ma part, je trouve tes créations très belles et interessantes.
Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les Français ont du mal à avoir des créations validées.
J’ai vu certaines créations, ce sont des horreurs. Peine à croire que Envato à valider.
Toi, création, très belles. Je ne vois pas ce qui ne vas pas !


Hello friend. I think your logos are very promising. I like the pizza one, but I think it should have some red colour in it. Red is a colour that stimulates the appetite. That is why many restaurant logos have red.

I also like Race Body. I would probably move the text away from the body a little, and move the smaller text up closer to the larger text.
I hope this is helpful.

Best regards,