"All files must be set" upload issue

I am trying to upload music files without success - the message “all files must be set” keeps recurring. It’s been a long time since I have uploaded, and I can’t recall having seen this message before.
Any help appreciated.

Hi, please see the screenshot, maybe you were missing a step? Also don’t forget:
Preview file must be in the mp3 format
Main file must be a zip file (nor rar, no other archives)

Thanks for your speedy reply! Yes I think I have successfully selected all the appropriate files. Has the system changed recently? It looks straightforward enough, and I know I have had no problems in the past.

No, nothing changed as I know.

@RealMcCoys . Select both wav and mp3 files ( with Ctrl ) . They need to be both highlighted in order to be able to upload.Both Files

Thank you Soundtrickz, and my apologies for missing your reply - much appreciated.

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