Upload varify error


Hey Somebody Please tell me how to fix the error while uploading sound effects,it shows Audio Files included must be set. I tried alot. Please tell me how to fix this

Most likely you did not put them in the right sections.

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I selected the right tracks it. I think its aduio problem. Could you tell me how to set audio tracks


I guess this is the problem


not this. I only have waves on my zipped file. how to set other audio files like wave with watermark or mp3 with watermark. I think the problem is on the audio setting

The problem is that you didn’t select if you included .wav and/or mp3 files. If you only have .wav files in your zip then only select “WAV”

You don’t need to select “.wav with watermark” or “mp3 with watermark” . Those should not be included in the zip. Its only the preview.

how to make preview ? is it all files in one track? with or without watermark

Collect the main file with all the variations in your daw and make 1 track with the watermark on top. Convert that to mp3 and thats your preview.

Anyway, you should check the upload guidelines first

I tried with a single file. but the same happening again.

That error means you need to select one of these:


Like this:



Thank you so much it worked