Ali2Woo Import product not showing images

Can anyone help me please. When I import product from Aliexpress, the product is published but without description, without images

Thanks in advance

If it’s a purchased plugin, you need to contact the author for the support.

If you’re interested paid support, you can contact me ( I could provide support at Studio as well )

Maybe product thumbnail are disabled from setting or you need to contact developer of this item.

Hello, sorry for the delay. It’s better to forward such questions to our support center directly.

You don’t see the images because we have implemented a feature loading images in background mode. When you import products from AliExpress, some products have a lot of variants, each variation comes with a picture. This feature allows you to import the product fast and start to edit its content. At the same time Ali2Woo continue to import the product images in background. Don’t worry product will not be published until all images become fully loaded.

Also in our knowledge base we have a details article describing this process: