Woozone Importing Blank Images


I have three Amazon Associate websites all hosted by Bluehost and all using the Flatsome theme

On the first two I built using Woozone everything worked fine. and they looked beautiful. When using Woozone on my thirld build I ran into two problems.

First problem was it would not connect to Amazon using SOAP. I had to use XML but my first two builds connected using SOAP I.don’t know if this makes a difference or not.

My main problem however is after updating to woozone when using insane import mode on all three websites When I import products all images are all blank. When I say blank I mean it appears to import them into my media library but all the images are just blank squares. Also when viewing products or pages or categories no images are showing up. I am using version on all three websites. I can’t see anything I am doing different and like I said all are using the same theme and hosted by the same host Bluehost.

Hope you can help


In case of interest:

Hi, Buckydawg I am having the same issue with my 3rd website. First two look great, third only has image squares, but the images and everything appears to be find in my products area. Did you ever find a solution or a fix?

Me too,
Personally I’m beginning to think they are not answering here so that we will all eventually just give up and pay them the installation fee…

I would rather have wasted the money and not user their plugin if they wont support it.
After all it their update that hasn’t worked. Previous versions worked fine for me too.

Now I know why I could find an contact us option.

Im going to look at Amazon’s own Affiliate Link, fiddly but they’ll at least support it.

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