AJ Watermark in VST format

Hello, dear colleagues!

For a long time I was thinking about implementation of auto-watermarking in production and 2 days ago I finally made it.

It goes like this:

  1. You insert this plug-in before the last limiter on master bus;
  2. Create a MIDI track and route it to the plug-in;
  3. Draw a note on this MIDI track, which will be the duration of watermark;
  4. Oh wait, there’s no fourth…

Plug-in reacts to the loudness of incoming material and changes the volume of watermark accordingly. You can also filter out highs and lows so it won’t react too much on sub frequencies or harsh HHs for example. Also you can alter the speed of reaction - how fast you want it to react to the volume changes of incoming material.

But after tweaking for many hours I finally found the optimal parameters and I even tried a version of plug-in without any knobs at all. And it woked… But it’s aesthetically not so much attractive, so finally there will be only one knob for Volume, because different producers like the watermark volume to be different.

Also a bit about watermarking )
As we all know there are two ways: manual and automatic.
Manual way simply takes more time, but is a great way, because you can change the volume of watermark in different parts of track and also the watermark is being altered by mastering plugins (EQ, compression and other) which makes it impossible to erase the watermark afterwards.

Automatic mode generally happens after the track is rendered and the watermark remains unaltered, which makes it easier for certain people to steal our music.

The use of plug-in watermarking has the best sides of the both world and also its own pros, like if the watermark lands on a transition between the louder and softer parts of the track it can react to this change, or on a fade in or fade out of the track it also gradually fades with the overall volume of material.

So uh… That’s probably it, click the image below to watch the demo video on YouTube and feel free to ask anything or suggest features.





Cool stuff, will try!

NICE! Will try it out!

Very nice vst, how much bro?

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Hey, my friend, I don’t even know ))) I have a free license for the program, which I used to write this plug-in, and it doesn’t allow to sell the VSTs created by it.
If there will be more people interested in this - I’ll make it commercially available. We’ll see…

I’m glad you like it.

Amazing stuff, would love to get my hands on it! Congrats

Really well designed idea. I’d like to give it a try.

Great idea, but reviewer will gives you soft reject, because text “audiojungle” repeat too often. Need to fix that

Thanks ) It repeats so often only for that video demonstration.

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Here’s a little POLL my friend asked me to make.

It also easy to upload watermark to the DAW for free and not purchase to VST. That is why it will not be popular. But if your vst plugin will helps with sales… I will purchase =)) everyone will purchase :smiley:

It’s a really cool idea! I’m waiting for this vst

Maybe you can build it as the trial plugins works. (without the midi) They have a mute function or a beep automatically every minute. For a even faster use.

Exactly ) I tried it but the MIDI version was a bit more suitable for me. If it becomes a commercial product I can include both versions in one plugin.

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Nice :smiley:

Great. Is it free? where can I download this plug-in?

Unfortunately, according to POLL RESULTS, making this plugin commercially available has sense for me. I would like to give it for free to our community, but my license doesn’t allow me to do it.

The program, which I used to create it is FLOWSTONE, and the license for it costs 99$. So the only way is to buy it somehow.

That’s all I can say, guys.

Thanks for having interest in it!

Contact to Envato Support, maybe they can take your soft for free without licence

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