AJ Watermark as a Kontakt instrument

Hi, everyone!

With the intent of simplifying the watermarking of my music tracks, I have just created a Kontakt patch with the official AudioJungle watermark sample.
Anyone who is interested in using it in their projects can download it from the following link:
AJ Watermark Kontakt Patch

The main features of this patch are:

  • the sample is mapped to every note, from C-2 to C8, so you can trigger it using any MIDI note
  • the volume of the sample responds to the velocity of the MIDI note, which allows you to easily adjust the level of the watermark in the loudest sections of your tracks
  • the patch is saved as a single monolith .nki file that embeds the audio sample without any need for external file

In my setup, I have also created a Track Preset (Steinberg). This way, I can easily add the AJ Watermark instrument in just one click. :slight_smile:

I hope someone will find it helpful.



thanks for sharing this, bro :beers:

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