AJ music player function request

Thanks to @dtbaker, the responsive features of the AudioJungle music player are working great! :grinning: I have 2 new requests, and I have no idea how complex they are to implement.

Request 1:
I would love to put the music player on my website and have it dynamically load in new collection playlists based on the user clicking on search term/collection buttons without reloading the whole page. Right now the only way I can do this is to open and load an entirely new page for each playlist/collection selection and its corresponding audio player. I would really like the page to simply remain loaded and just refresh the audio player with each playlist selection. Is this something that is very close to being possible with a few tweaks, or is it a totally different type of functionality that would require a totally different type of player? I don’t mind learning about AJAX or how to do some of the coding (if that is what is necessary), but I would like to know if this type of function is even possible with this player.

Request 2:
It would be really useful if we can determine the order of the playlist based on sales, or release date, title, or other attributes. Is that a relatively painless additional feature to implement?


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