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I would like to know if you think that this one will be accepted ? and would like to know also if i make it for premiere pro too, do i have to make 2 item or i can put it in the same one ?

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I don’t like the shaking effect. Besides that I think it has a good flow.

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ok, cool, thanks, and do you know about my seconde question for premiere pro ?

I’d advise you to make 2 seperate items in the respective categories. I don’t think it is forbidden to include a premiere version, though.

But people looking for Premiere Projects won’t look in the After Effects category, so why not create 2 items?

Hello there! You need to check that Envato complies with market requirements, i.e. Used media does not violate copyright, does not promote lewdness, and other similar rules.

Hey, ok thanks for your answer :pray: :pray:

I think that your animations is very good but images are copyright you maybe download images that already have copyright need permission…

Hey, thanks for your answer, i asked before for this and we told me that it was possible to use image from bing AI generator if i related it. but im not really sure about that, if you know more, im all ears.


you can’t use AI generator but you can use sites free stock pexels, uniplash, etc

Are you sure ? where can i see that please

Yes, forum Envato Announces Partnership With BRIA AI For Responsible AI Image Generation - #18

Ok, thanks, i understood that they are in buisness with briab AI ok, but nothing about that i can’t use image from Bing for exemple, as preview image. I made a post about few month ago and some people told me that’s possible. :person_shrugging:

In Preview is probably fine, just don’t sell any AI generated content (yet).

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Thank you.

I got this answer from Microsoft :

Hi Morgan,

Welcome to the Microsoft community.

My name is Hahn and I’m here to help you with your concern.

Of course, I can help clarify this for you. There are some considerations when using images generated by Bing Image Creator as a preview for a video template item sold on the Envato Market platform.

  1. License and rights of use: Before using these images, check the terms of use of Bing Image Creator. Make sure you have the right to use these images for preview purposes in your Envato item.

  2. Preview only: You’ve mentioned that the images won’t be included or resold in the final element, but only used to embellish the preview. This seems to be in line with common practice. However, it is essential to respect Envato Market’s specific conditions of use.

  3. Transparency and communication: To avoid any confusion, be sure to include a clear statement in the description of your video element, indicating that the images used for the preview are generated by Bing Image Creator and are not part of the final element.

  4. Consult Envato Market: I strongly recommend that you consult Envato Market’s specific guidelines for using images generated by third-party tools. You can also contact their helpdesk for specific advice on your particular case.

In summary, as long as you respect usage rights, communicate transparently and use these images for preview purposes only, you should be able to embellish your video element without any problems. Don’t forget to check Envato Market’s specific terms and conditions to ensure compliance. Happy creating!

looks ok, but we don’t know from envato

Thanks guy