Advertising and promotion, what is it?

Hi, I’m new here, I want to find out from advanced and not very authors how you promote and (sell) your product and not just download and wait for sales.:face_with_thermometer:

Why am I interested in this? Because on our forum there are a lot of topics like “Oh, God, I have 100 products and 10 of them are sales per month, what should I do?” or such "I have been on the market for a year and for a year I have only 200 sales, what should I do?

I understand that these authors did not promote and did not sell their goods, but only put them up for sale and waited for the result.:neutral_face:

This topic is for those who want and can share the skills and methods of promoting and selling their product, using which the result will grow dozens of times, and for those who are really interested in this issue.

Share the method how to make 100-200 stable sales per month and get from me like :wink:

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