Adobe XD Fast Food & Restaurant PSD Template - Hard Rejected

I’m a new author. My first attempt to list a product with Envato was “Burgerz - Fast Food & Restaurant PSD Template”. I’m wondering why first the product was denied and second why I can’t re-submit it again.
I don’t understand why my XD template got hard rejected. I’ve read and practiced all of envato author guidelines and everything related to how my product should look like.

I need help figuring out what exactly is wrong with the design.

These are few screens of my design.

Is the XD or PSD - you mention both but requirements may differ.

With respect the design does not being anything unique or especially premium.

Execution in either of these categories needs to be pixel perfect and unfortunately this is not - especially my the typography.

Presumably you also submitted designs of all of the various La here s mentioned eg. wish list, privacy, our kitchen etc