Adobe XD website Design Template - Hard Rejected

I don’t understand why my Adobe xd template got hard rejected. I’ve read and practiced all of envato author guidelines and everything related to how my product should look like.

I need help figuring out what exactly is wrong with the design template please. I will send you the design assets and everything related through email or wherever you want.

This isn’t the first time time my product got rejected. It feels like envato is forever ready to reject all my products.

These are few screens of my product.


  • Error spacing

  • Bad typography

  • Error padding & margin

  • bad cut to image

You need learning for your time, soon will to approved your design.

Interesting template and I think it can be saved. The biggest problem is the typography and the spacing used between individual elements and sections.

You need to spend more time analyzing typography, margins, and padding.

Notice the background elements that blend in with the white background. They are very difficult to see. Either remove them or change the color to a stronger one.

Very large gaps between the sections create huge holes in white colors, no one knows what for?

Apply better quality images for preview.

Good luck :slight_smile: