Adding referral/affiliate links

I’ve logged in today into Twilio account and notice a referal program (it’s likely running for ages) and wondered is it possible to include referral link on product description page or in documentation for product that uses that service?

I personally feel this would be great for the end user given he receives sign up bonus (in Twilio case 10$) as that most of the buyers are not tech savy and have troubles setting things up especially on more complex systems like Twilio.

What are Envato rules regarding this?

As envato have their own affiliates program I highly doubt that they would allow other ones to be used

Envato affiliate program has nothing to do with this. Doesn’t even make sense to include envato affiliate link on product description page.

What I’m talking about is including a link to a 3rd party (in this case Twilio) with referral code and informing user that signing up through that particular link would allow him/her to claim 10$ sign up bonus that could be used to test the 3rd party service and the product user purchased on codecanyon (e.g. WordPress plugin that lets you send SMS message through Twilio).

Reason why I would be interested in doing that is not for personal gain (which obviously comes with all referral/affiliate linking), but to make things easier for person who is purchasing or planing to purchase product since he/she can claim that bonus and get started without paying anything extra to test it before putting it in production.

With most paid 3rd party services user would have to purchase plugin and then go ahead and purchase the service (service plan, put money in to virtual wallet, etc), so providing a way to claim a free credit to play around makes a lot of sense (at least to me)

Ah ok - sorry mis-read the original post.

I highly doubt that envato would allow it. For whatever reason, users would be leveraging envato’s channels for gain.

While you might have the best intention in the world - there are inevitably too many people who would exploit and misuse it

Best option is to ask support Envato Market Help and Support