Affiliate Question

Hey guys,

I just came across the Envato Affiliate program and got a few questions about that.

So, I got the following link:

• Am I allowed now to post this link on my own website one day? I’d like to connect with the API and display my products listed with my own ?ref=eliteCode as parameter for the links.
• It’s written that I’ll get 30% of the price. So, I’d earn anyways money through the buy of this item. Will I earn extra 30% for each buy with this referall link?

For example my product costs 100$, if someone else buys it now I get for example 50% of the price (even if it’s not, just an example). That would be 50$ for me, the author.

If someone came through an referall link to my product and bought it for 100$, will I earn still 50% of the item price (50$) and EXTRA 30% (30$) for the referral? That’d be 80$ then?

I don’t really understand it.

But I’ve understood, if someone else uses my products for referrals, he will get 30% for each buy. The question is, if I’m allowed to advertise myself on my own homepage using the referral link?

Sorry for being so complicated. Thanks a lot!

Yes, yes and yes.

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Thats crazy, that it’s possible to earn additional money with a simple ref link. Thanks.

It’s a reward fro introducing a new customer to Envato. Hopefully they’ll buy plenty more stuff over time, so Envato want to encourage people to send new buyers their way.

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It’s worth reitterating that to get the affiliate benefits the buyer needs to complete a purchase an item and for that to have been the first time they have visited envato.

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