"Add New FAQ" feature doesn't work properly

I’m trying to add a new FAQ at my item’s support tab. If my answer contains code block having script tag, an error screen appears. If there is no script tags, everything is ok. Is it normal?

It sound like your coding it broken, I highly suggest using:

Hope this helps!

I think there is another reason. Try to type <script> or &lt;script> while editing FAQ. Then press “Save changes” and you’ll get message “Your request has been blocked”. It doesn’t matter where you type this tag. Whether you do it inside “code” tag or inside “pre” tag or somehow else, you’ll always get this error. The same problem with public profile page.
I can add script to item description or item comment without problems.

I found solution.
To insert <script> in FAQ or profile page, you need to double encode left bracket: &amp;lt;script>