Activating Visual Composer


I have just bought and installed the “Marquez” theme. When I try to access page templates from the “Visual Composer” tool, it tells me I don’t have any form of license.

Nor will it let me update to the latest version, despite saying I need to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can’t “activate” bundled plugins but it will still work fine without doing this

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Does this mean I cannot access or use the various page templates shown under the Visual Composer editor? At the moment, it won’t let me download any…

It should function as usual - the only difference will be that you can’t register for auto updates. These are provided by the theme author.

I’m pretty sure that theme has some pretty clever custom additions to the plugin - what is it that you can’t download?

Hi, I can’t download from the template library when editing using the Visual Composer.

Basically I don’t want to have a design pages from scratch!

I’m not familiar with the theme but it says it’s in the library - if not then the best option is to ask the author

They are a great author so I am sure they will be happy to help

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Ok thanks, I’ll give it a go…