activate key

i have purchase claue theme for my business.but my partner change the themeforest password and also remove my access from that account…i have theme files but dont have license key from activating theme…is there any way to solve my issue.

license key (purchase code) only accessable for the orginal purchaser account. So, get license key you have to logged in the purchaser account.

Bt my partner change the access detail…is there any way to purchase only license key…

without account access how you will prove you are the original purchaser! you can contact envato support about this.

I just want license key of theme…i have theme files…

Is there any way to purchase only license key

you have to purchase the item to get the license key.

You will need to buy a new copy.

The p/code will only ever be available to the purchasing account

Is there any way to purchase it in discount or in few amount. …?

normally no, but it depends on the item author. if they offer any discount promotion. you can contact item author.