About photodune images

hi, actually i need to know if when i buy images on photodune if i am allowed to use them as a background of a project that is sold here on code canyon or do i have to contact the author for that ?

You’d need to buy an extended license, and get permission from the author. If you weren’t selling it on Themeforest (or any other marketplace), and it was just a website for you or a client, then a regular license would be fine, and you wouldn’t need permission.

I know yours is just the first part, but thought I’d add the second part just in case anyone was wondering.

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thanks for the reply. then if i understand good lets say i make a item on code canyon and i need a background for my login page if i buy the extended license of that image i will be allowed to sell my item here on code canyon ? sorry for reasking it again but im french and really want to be sure i understand your answer before i proceed to buy some extended license.

Yes, you can do that… but you still need to get permission from the author, so check with them before you go buying anything.

Qui il no problema, mais vous il voudrez autorisation. Parlez avec le author avant achete. Bon chance et bon marche!

(There you go, my French is a lot worse than your English!)