Clients want to buy images in our themes, which do not exist on Photodune any more, what to do?

As the title says, we are getting requests for some images in our themes that do not exist anymore on photodune.
How do you react in this situations?

Thank you

I’d suggest going back explaining that situation (if you still have the authors details maybe include that).

You can’t resell them on to them.

I doubt we can do that since we do not have extended licenses and we like to keep our license. Distributing as I know is not allow otherwise we would give them for free.

Some of those images I found on other markets but it’s really difficult to find them and some I did not at all.

Explaining sometimes just does not cut it, as they in most cases blame us.

You can give the contact information ( PD Username ) and ask the buyers to contact the original author if they’d like to buy the images. I’m pretty sure they’re selling them somewhere else - at least

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A very good advice. Agree. :+1: