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Hi my friends, I have a question.
When we upload a logo template to Graphicriver, do we need to convert the text of logo to outline (in the main file)? or do we leave it as text? The last logo I uploaded was rejected, but I converted the text of logo to outline. In the logo submission requirements it says: “Logo must have editable text.” what exactly does this sentence mean?

please upload your image preview format .jpg because we can help you thank you.

Hello. Of course, the text should be editable. Hardly anyone wants to name their campaign “COMPANYNAME”. It is also unlikely that an existing company with the name “COMPANYNAME” is looking for a logo. That’s the point that the logo should suit as many customers as possible.

Of course, you are right, but as far as I understand, the person who will buy the logo will write their company name in the text section under the logo. This is a template after all. I am currently designing another logo to upload here because this logo has already been rejected twice and I do not intend to upload it again.The new logo I designed is triangle-shaped and I wrote “triangle” in the text part. I think there is no problem here because I saw similar things on this site. What I don’t understand is that when I create the main file in illustrator, do I need to convert the logo text to outline?

Yes. That’s why you must make the text editable. No need to convert it into a vector

Thank you so much. This is the information I wanted to learn. :+1:

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hi u have a variety of reasons for the logo to be hard rejected …

1- typo
this looks pretty old, this is lacking efficient variations and real font combinations are the global style of used font is not much compatible with the illustration part

2- tagline
this is too thin , almost invisible so what is the point of having it ?

3- combination of colors and hierarchy
all this makes very little sense, as the most important part is the one having the clearer and less contrasting color indeed

4- distorsion
it looks as if u have been distorting the text and the impact on the harmony of what u have done is very high … this is ruining the preview and your effort about your logo …

this is rather insulting for the time dedicated and effort from others to “self-solution” your own thread … think about it …