A way to speed up making fills and drops

Finally a plugin to make Drops , Fills and Rolls easy.

Sometimes when we get inspired and begin work on a track and reach the section which needs a fill, or break, or a drop… we have to pause to make that part exciting… and it can take away from the original idea as it slows us down to sound design duties.

With DROP-X you can now perform 4/8/16/32/64 note repeats and trills right from any midi keyboard or your computer keyboard as well , effortlessly. IT even does swing and triplet timings. Comes with a library of 10 banks of drums and other sounds. You can also drag and drop your own samples into the plugin from any browser.

Check out the overview:

Download the plugin:


Thanx so much for sharing the info. Huge time saver this plugin, can’t believe it’s just 79 bucks :bangbang:️:smiley: