Using samples



Which sampler do U use in your projects? Which one is more convenient in your opinion
Or U just import your samples in your DAW?
I use Battery 4, but it’s not so convenient for me cause I can’t place sample directly where I want


I like to use samples directly in playlist or in Pattern (for FL studio)


I use the Battery for my drums and percussion one shots


Battery is great man. I use kontakt for one shot samples.
I used Logic X sound too. It’s quite good, not excellent but good.
I love Logic X stock plugins. It sounds great in some ways.


I use Kontakt and also pull wav clips directly into my DAW. Kontakt is very convenient. :thumbsup:


but what about situation when your samples are not 44.1 Hz? I have samples 48 H.z


i depend on your DAW. If your samples have good sound, it’s good on all sample rate. I did not care a lot about that. What i need is good samples sound. Maybe it’s my personal view.


Convert to the correct sample rate?


For drum one-shots I use the built-in Impact in Studio One 3
For other stuff I prefer to use Kontakt 5


It’s all about Native Instruments Kontakt 5! It’s like AK-47 in the world of samplers :slight_smile: :sunglasses::wink:


For Drums samples is Battery. And for melody chops and other stuff is Kontakt or Serum


I import samples directly to Ableton, but sometimes I’m using Ableton’s “Sampler”. Ableton’s “Sampler” is good enough to forget about 3rd party samplers in standard usage.