A small issue in emoji tab

Nothing catastrophic, just confusing. In emoji “travel” :airplane: section, last page, flags. Six of them are titled with not the same countries which they actually belong to. May be it’s better to add all flags or delete all?

Sorry if seems too nagging or hypercritical, just a grain of mess, but it’s mine to mean things related to official national heraldrys are important.

Thanks for highlighting this @KingDog Would you mind looking at this thanks.

Ha, I got how it happened: their codes were accidentally read by only first letter, not by two and from the end of latinic alphabet instead of beginning, So China was turned by flag to Chezh, Deutch to dz (Algeria), Great Britain to Guyana, Korea to Kazakhstan, Russia to Rwanda and US to Uzbekistan.


And Spain to EU.

Heya! Thanks for letting us know. We’ll probably need to wait till Discourse fixes that :smiley:

Thanks @FlossieWood and @KingDog for paying attention to it, hopefully it will prevent global war.

Thanks for reporting. I created a bug report:

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Thanks Neillll! There are also China, Germany and Korea, Republic of: :cn: :de: :kr: