American flag still rejected.

Hi there!

My American flag still have been rejected and I dont quite understand why. I made a pack with 9 american flag positions with dramatic lighting, something different then what is already out there…

The only think I can think of, is that I should also include images with alpha for more flexibility? Should I add the alpha images and resubmit it as a new file you think?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Blow are the preview images



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hi really hard to say … i have no idea why it was rejected but the thing u said is true this is good if possible to make items as editable as possible …

First try to upload some full flag, not cuted anywhere - I know this sounds weird but believe I have customers from usa and even one letter (“thank you for your service” etc ) can not touch the flag - flag is very sensitive topic for americans. :slight_smile: those are just my thoughts

Thanks for tge reply! I will make them editable :slight_smile:

Thanks For your thoughts! Will look into it :smiley:

but no one can be sure that this is just a zoom on part or that the flag really is cut indeed …