A quick feedback

Personal Fitness Trainer at my local gym is re-branding and has a few logos that he’s undecided on. I have given him a few suggestions already. But for a more balanced approach best to ask the online design community for their view on which logo you think works best. Personally first one for me.

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If I have to choose -> definately nr 2 this second from the top :slight_smile:

looks more like gym

this on the bottom with this “p” looks like food delivery or mobile phone company :slight_smile:

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no paul, the third one could easily be processed in a gym one if he made a handle on top of it so that the thing makes people think about modern weights

hi, unlike what @Novocaina said, as for me, at this stage, none is really much making me think of a gym … the last one , with the arrangement that i suggested in my other message could possibly get the job done, but, if u ask me, at this stage you are lacking of a true concept …

the second logo is much better than the first one as the typo is much better , though , i am afraid that even in this case, this may not match expectations that reviewers have in this category all the same, as typo is much of an issue here indeed

the other problem that u have about the second one this is that u transformed the name into a two line version and thus u do not have space to add the required tagline …

i suggest that in all cases, u introduce some sort of an effect on the illustration part, since, right now, sorry to say just this, but the item that u have to offer is sort of way too “raw” according to me. By pushing the envelope u will turn it into a way more professional design and definitely give more reasons to reviewers to accept it and for buyers to need it and buy it