A local checkbox bypasses a global checkbox

I there a way instead of having just a Global checkbox to control a layer visibility to add a local checkbox “Local Control” bypassing the global to control locally the visibility with a checkbox too! (a checkbox controls a checkbox)
This is my NOT working attempt can give me hand!

Global=if(comp(“Main Comp”).layer(“CONTROLS”).effect(“Device Silver ON/OFF”)(“Checkbox”) == 0) 0 else 100;
Local=thisComp.layer(“LOCAL CONTROLl”).effect(“Device Silver ON/OFF”) == 0) 0 else 100;
Check=thisComp.layer(“LOCAL CONTROL”).effect(“Check For Local Control”);

if(Check == 0) {

} else {

Try this Pixamins.

Check=thisComp.layer("LOCAL CONTROL").effect("Check For Local Control")("Checkbox");
Local=thisComp.layer("LOCAL CONTROL").effect("Device Silver ON/OFF")("Checkbox");
Global=comp("Main Comp").layer("CONTROLS").effect("Device Silver ON/OFF")("Checkbox");
{if(Global==0) 0 else 100}
{if(Local==0) 0 else 100}

What the F… !!! How do you know all ths stuff !!! You make it look too simple Thanks AGAIN… VERY PLEASED !!!

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Hi, its been a long time since I got your help concerning expression!
Today I found myself in a dead end concerning expressions and need your help again!
In case you are OK here is what I need:

book_width = thisComp.layer(“CONTROLS”).effect(“Size_Height_Y”)(“ADBE Slider Control-0001”);
new_valueZ = 740-(book_width/2);
[value[0], new_valueZ, value[2]];

I have the above expression (working OK) but I need to control the 740 number in the 2nd line

Please send me your email to send you the.aep file.
Thanks in advance