Use a script to select from a drop down menu

Hi I need some help wih an expression I like to use in my upcoming template.
What I need is to adjust an effects drop down menu (choose one of four listed in that menu) from the "main comp"
Example: I have a blur effect and want to choose if it is 1.horizontal, vertical or both)


Hi Pixamins. Is it your meaning?

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Thanks a lot To motion but I just need to select one of these included in the drop down menu not to give values

  1. I don’t know how to make a drop down menu but you can try Flex Effector to make your Control briefness.
  2. To select one of 3 options not to give value you can try the Checkbox Control.
    Create Control layers and use 3 checkboxes. Rename them to Horizontal - Vertical - Both.
    Use 4 Fast Blur effects on the layer you want to Blur. Rename them and use the expressions like the image bellow.

Thanks Mr motion I think what I need is less complicated but maybe I have not explain it well (wrong example given).
So I have an effect with a quality drop down menu (see attached) and I want to affect preview from the “Controller” layer of the “main comp” THATS EXACTYLY WAT I NEED.

Something like this:
if (comp(“Main Comp”).layer(“CONTROLS”).effect(“Render Quality Switch”)(“Checkbox”) == 0) 0 else 100
So if check Render Quality (Slow)

imageIf unchecked = Preview Quality (Fast)

Thanks a lot

I understand it now :laughing: :laughing::laughing:
Look at Blur Dimensions in the abrove image, It’s still working for your problem if Render Quality Switch is an effect :slight_smile:

Thanks again for quick replying!! What I need to control is not percentage values is whether I have on the render quality or the preview quality. With that said I think that I need a checkbox switch so that I can select the desired quality.

Thanks again

Only checkbox can control these options, you can’t control them by percentage values.
I guess you are using E3D effects and you can follow the images bellow:

  1. Use 3 Checkboxes on Control layer. These expressions in Control layer are auto deselect a Checkbox when you check on another Checkbox.
  2. Duplicate E3D 3 times. Shutdown, Rename and change Render Mode of them and use these expressions. Now if you check on Full Render mode then E3D in Full Render mode, if you change to Preview mode then E3D change to Preview mode.

i will need one more step please.
I am afraid to duplicate the e3d to many times! In term of how heavy the project will finally be.
I was hopping/looking for a way to script select inside the drop down menu.

In case there is no such a way maybe one switch will do. one check box only to toggle render and preview quality.

As you understand I am new to E3d. So my question is if there is a way to include the . Obj model in Ae collect folder to avoid the “replace model”

Thanks again.

It’s very simple if you only need Full Render and Preview mode. Just use this expression (Change value 2->3 if you want to see Draft mode):

if(comp("Main Comp").layer("Controller").effect("Checkbox Name")("Checkbox")==1) 1 else 2

Yes, you can include the obj file in your template.

WOW !!! Thanxs a lot !!! Solved !!!

Concerning the .obj collect it seems that when using the “Collect Files” function inside of After Effects, models and textures are not able to be collected!!!
Files must be manually collected and relinked when transferred.
Check link here:

Many thanks

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